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A contemporary love story with a deep message. Set in France, the story follows a young woman through her difficult journey of grief, into her victorious life as a wife and mother.

Meg's struggle as a young widow shows her faith growing stronger when she begins trusting the Lord for her needs and guidance for the future. She faces tragedy with weapons of faith. Spiritual warfare is a strong theme throughout the story. Battling the darkness using weapons of prayer and the Word brings victory in the lives of the characters.


Forgiveness and letting go of bitterness are stressed in different ways. Remembering that we are not alone in our struggles with sin, that God does not abandon His children, is an important lesson here too. The ending is a victorious one with a strong redemptive message. 

​A story for the adult reader who battles spiritual or emotional issues, looking for help to overcome depression and grief.

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Marshalee Patterson has quickly become one of my favorite authors. She stays true to the category of "Christian fiction" as her books revolve around God and his transforming power in the lives of her characters.

This book is quite riveting. I wasn't able to put it down until I was done! What a read it was. Each character faced a series of trials much like we do today. It reminded me that so many persons go through these and worst and I was encouraged to pause and pray for such persons.


The novel focuses on some heavy issues like abuse, rape, spiritual warfare etc. Marshalee expresses each idea clearly and effectively so that one understands the lessons being taught. I was enlightened, educated and blessed by this book.

If you're able to read about these issues, I'd definitely recommend this book to you.

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